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When the faculty sponsor/supervisor or internal institutional committee approves the nomination of an applicant as a postdoctoral fellow, the Research Authority send a formal letter to the applicant informing the candidate of his acceptance.
The letter will also include the following information:
  • name of the faculty sponsor with whom the scholar will be training
  • the expected start and end dates of the fellowship
  • a detailing of the source, level, and duration of funding
  • instructions for receiving an ID university card
  • computer and library services
  • health insurance (at the applicant's expense)

The applicant should sign a copy of the letter acknowledging agreement to the terms of the letter including a declaration regarding other sources of income.

In order to establish that the scholar has indeed received a terminal degree prior to working at the University of Haifa, he/she will be required to submit a copy of the diploma or transcript (with translation into English if in a foreign language) showing final doctoral degree conferral. If the final degree has not yet been formally conferred, but all the requirements have been met, a statement of completion of studies from the scholar's home institution is requested for conditional admission. This statement should indicate the date on which all requirements were completed and the expected degree conferral date. Please note that degrees must be formally conferred by the end of the first quarter the scholar is at the University of Haifa, or the scholar will be forced to withdraw from the position.

Please be aware that post doc scholars are allowed to train at the University of Haifa for up to four years, but may not exceed a total of five research years from all (cumulative) appointments.

Research Authority, University of Haifa, Mt. Carmel, Haifa 31905, Israel