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All international scholars must hold appropriate visa status during their stay at UH. Fellows are normally issued an A-2 visa

How to Apply for a Visa

 You need to forward the following documents to the Information and Research Services Unit at the Research Authority:

·         Letter of recommendation from the supervisor including the period of the fellowship.

·         A photocopy of a valid passport in its entirety (all pages)

·         Passport photograph

·         Filled application forms (attached)

·        The documents will be transferred to the Israeli Ministry of Interior and they will issue a temporary visa approval which will be waiting for the applicant in the Israeli Embassy in the applicant's home country.


Visa Extension


The procedure for extending an A-2 visa for an international scholar already at UH is simple when completed in a timely manner. This is usually done on a year by year basis.

To begin the process, you should be aware of your visa status and when your visa expires. To extend/renew your visa you need to contact the Information and Research Services Unit at the Research Authority. The Research Authority will also provide you with an appropriate request letter of extension.  

Visa application/extension forms:

·         Application request form


Categories of entrance/residence visas to Israel:

A-2 (Student or Postdoctoral Student): Valid for one academic year. Can be extended for the period of a student's studies up to one additional academic year. This visa is granted as per request of the institution.

A-4 Accompanying family members of A2 and B1 visa holders: Granted only to children, husband or wife of trainees, guests and visitors.

B-1 (Authorization to work temporarily): Issued to persons possessing a signed contract with an Israeli employer. This visa is requested for guests and visitors who have been officially invited by key personnel from the UH. This kind of visa is to be arranged prior to your coming to Israel by your host. The decision to grant a temporary permit rests with the Ministry of the Interior. Please note that it takes several months for this visa to be authorized by Israeli authorities!

B-2 (Tourist): Issued for a short period of time or as an authorization to enter Israel.
Issued (before arrival or upon arrival at the airport, depending on nationality) to visiting scientists and to accompanying persons.

This visa can be extended at any of the Interior Ministry of branches in Israel for up to a maximum of 24 consecutive months.

Multiple Entries Visa

Issued to B-1 and A-2 visa holders wishing to leave and return before their visa expires

Link to the Ministry of Interior site:

Research Authority, University of Haifa, Mt. Carmel, Haifa 31905, Israel